Give contacts a try. The last few years have seen amazing advances in contact lenses.

If you’ve been told you aren’t able to wear contacts, or it became too uncomfortable to wear contacts all day, let our experienced optometrists evaluate you. The last few years have seen amazing advances in contact lenses. We now have multifocal contacts that let you see near and far, as well as soft, comfortable contact lenses that correct even large amounts of astigmatism.

Up to 30% of contact lens wearers in America now wear daily disposable contacts. With daily disposable lenses, you get a fresh, comfortable new lens every day. This technology reduces irritation from eye allergies and eliminates cleaning and end-of-month comfort issues. Plus they are a great option if you only want to wear lenses occasionally, such as for outdoor activities or social events. Daily lenses now even come in multifocal and astigmatism designs.

The Eye Center - Contact Lens

Dr. Reddan and Dr. Stickel are also skilled in fitting specialty contact lenses for eye diseases. Newer designs can correct the blurred vision of eye diseases like keratoconus, and greatly improve the symptoms of severe dry eye. With advanced options like Synergeyes hybrid lenses and AmplEye mini-scleral lenses, even difficult-to-fit corneas can often achieve clear, comfortable, all-day vision.

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